Our Bundle Discounts for Maximum Value

At Trinity Steam Cleaning, we’re all about providing the best value to our customers. That’s why we’ve crafted some exciting bundle discounts that allow you to get more done for less!

Whether it’s duct cleaning, carpet cleaning, tile cleaning, or furniture cleaning, we’ve got you covered.

Here's a quick overview of our fantastic bundle discounts:

Duct Cleaning + Carpet or Tile Cleaning Bundle = 15% Off

Refresh your indoor environment with a combination of duct cleaning and either carpet or tile cleaning. Get a whopping 15% off of your order!

Carpet Cleaning + Tile Cleaning Bundle = 15% Off

Many homes have both carpets and tile. Combine carpet cleaning with tile cleaning and enjoy a 15% discount off of your order!

Furniture Cleaning + Carpet or Tile Cleaning Bundle = 15% Off

Revitalize your furniture and carpets or tiles together. You can call this our “furniture and floors” bundle! You’ll enjoy a fantastic 15% discount!

OUR ULTIMATE BUNDLE: Duct Cleaning + Carpet or Tile Cleaning + and Furniture Cleaning = 25% Off

Go all out with our Ultimate Bundle! Get 25% off when you combine duct cleaning, carpet or tile cleaning, and furniture cleaning.

Your whole space will be revitalized with clean air, clean floors, and clean furniture!

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With Trinity Steam Cleaning, your indoor environment will be cleaner, fresher, and more comfortable than ever before.

Don’t miss out on these amazing bundle discounts.

Our customers are eligible for these serious discounts when the order subtotal is over $300.

Contact us today and let us help you get the most value out of your cleaning services!

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