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Deep Carpet Cleaning Services


Dirt and bacteria are tracked into homes and on carpets regularly. Routine vacuuming and professional carpet cleaning eliminates germs that you are breathing in and creates a healthier home for everyone. Our proven, deep cleaning, carpet cleaning services extracts harmful bacteria, extends the life of your carpets and is great for your family’s health. Allergy sufferers also benefit from professional steam cleaning when dirt and grime are removed from carpets. Our customers’ health and safety is important to us, so we use all-natural cleaning products, which we purchase locally.

We understand that replacing dirty and dingy carpet does not come cheap, and is not an option for everyone. Therefore, we suggest preventative professional carpet cleaning services & maintenance as a much more affordable option that will not only leave your carpets fresh and clean, but will also help preserve the life of your carpet. As an added benefit to our customers, we also provide carpet stain protection, carpet stretching and repairs so that you may enjoy your carpets for many years to come! For your peace of mind, we are insured, bonded and BBB accredited.

Our Carpet Cleaning Services

Our professional, deep clean, carpet cleaning process and excellent customer service are sure to exceed your expectations.

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When you contact Trinity Steam Cleaning we offer free estimates and you get a team of professionals that are experienced with cleaning a wide variety of carpets.

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We utilize excellent steam cleaning equipment and safe, all-natural cleaning agents to ensure your family and pets safety.

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Ultimately, we deliver quality results and superior customer service, making us the best at what we do in Montgomery County and the Houston, Texas area.

Before The Carpet Cleaning Process Begins

We take a consultative approach with our carpet cleaning services, and begin by recommending that you vacuum your carpets before we arrive. Please move any large furnishings and fragile items prior to our arrival. Once we arrive, we will help to move some light furniture.


Our service includes our all-natural cleaning solution and steam cleaning with our truck mount unit. Because every home and carpet is different, and depending on how the carpet has been maintained, final cleaning results will vary from one household to the next.


We try our best to remove stains in the carpet, but we cannot guarantee results. Final cleaning results depend on the root of the stain and if the stain has been treated prior to our arrival. Please let your technician know if you have previously treated your carpet for stains.

Drying Time

There are many variables that affect drying time, including humidity, carpet type and treatment. It usually takes 8-12 hours for carpet to completely dry and sometimes up to 24 hours. For best results, we ask that you refrain from walking across your carpet until it is completely dry.

Stain Protection

The deep clean carpet cleaning process can remove the stain protection applied to carpets by the manufacturer. However, if you would like to have stain protection reapplied after the cleaning process, we can reapply for your added protection.

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